Hey FAMErs! We’re back on your screens with a second theme, as part of our series ‘How to Feel Better with FAME (Film, Media, Arts and Entertainment) – A Law Student’s Guide to Social Distancing’.

Last week, our recommendations reflected the confronting and abrupt dystopian feeling we found ourselves in at the beginning of this pandemic (check it out at if you haven’t already!). After a testing, yet reflective period of physical isolation, we’re now craving a sense of solidarity, community and connection.

Hence, our theme this week is: ‘Nice, Nice, Baby’ (cue Vanilla Ice), to serve as a gentle reminder that kindness and empathy can go a long way. Our recommendations and reflections will focus on arts and media which have re-energised or inspired our most compassionate selves during this difficult time. 💪🏼

To kick things off we invite you all to join our movie screening 🎬🌟 of ‘The Nice Guys 🔍’ on Netflix Party, tomorrow night at 8pm!

Check out the event description on our Facebook page here, click attending and invite your friends! 🍿💻


Social distancing doesn’t mean movie nights can’t still happen 🎬🌟

Introducing FAME’s Netflix & Chill (at a safe distance) Party, where we’ll be hosting a movie screening with you ALL via Netflix Party 👭👬

Keeping to our first theme of ‘Is This Dystopia?’, join us Thur 26th at 8pm, as we watch dystopian thriller Snowpiercer, from Oscar Winner🏆 Bong Joon Ho, Director of Parasite.

Here’s how our virtual slumber party will work:

1️⃣Make sure you have Netflix (or your friend’s Netflix), using the Chrome browser

2️⃣Follow the instructions to download and install the Netflix Party Chrome extension here:

3️⃣Once you’re settled on the couch with your Cobs ‘Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet’ popcorn within reach 🍿 (don’t fight us on this), check out the short film commentary we’ll release 30min before we start


5️⃣Leave your thoughts, commentary and reactions live in the Netflix Party group chat 📢

Remember to invite your friends, click attending to reserve your spot and we hope to see you all online! 🤗💻
Please be aware we have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate comments and behaviour on the group chat. 🔇