The FAME Grant

Sick of the presumption that any creative endeavour or engagement in creative industry must be a ‘side hustle’, or a ‘passion project’, instead of a realistic career path (god forbid), we begun FAME as a mechanism to foster meaningful engagement and facilitate professional development within the field.

Our motto has unintentionally become ‘Pay Your Artists’, which fulfills our honest belief that with recuperation comes recognition – it should not just be a favour to provide such a service, it should be recognised.

The irony of FAME’s first birthday occurring in a year that the creative industry has taken a blow, so we’ve reallocated the funds that would have gone toward external events to the assisting the projects of our members. Whether it’s flights up to Arts Law that couldn’t otherwise be afforded; helping with the cost of gallery hire for an exhibition; or covering a submission fee for MIFF, we want to help those who share our passion.

2020 has been a year of constant re-evaluation. At the beginning of 2020, we set out to provide opportunities to the students of the MLS to combine their creative skills and interests with their study of law. After a number of our initial plans had to be reconfigured, we were left wondering how we could continue our goal and put our resources to good use.

Enter the grant. This year, we are beginning what we hope will become a long- standing tradition for FAME, by launching a grant to support law students in our creative community.

We have set aside $750 of our budget, and are seeking applications from students at Melbourne Law School who are seeking financial support for any kind of project which speaks to our association’s core purpose, which is combining students’ interests in both the legal and creative industries.

We only ask a couple of things in return – enjoy the creative process, support each other, and actively engage.

To apply, download and read the application pack, then submit your application view the Google Form below. Applications close Wednesday 28th October at 5pm.

Best of luck!

Apply for the FAME Grant here