The Brief

Welcome to FAME’s podcast series ‘The Brief’, a collection of interviews with industry professionals to explore what it’s like to work as a lawyer or artist in the creative industries.

Episode 1 with Entertainment Lawyer Shaun Miller

In our first episode, FAME chatted with award winning entertainment lawyer, Shaun Miller. Consulting on more than 200 films, documentaries and television series, our insights into a day in the life of Shaun shows just how interesting a legal career in the entertainment industry can be.

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE:

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Episode 2 with Film, TV and Media lawyer Caroline Verge

In our second episode we chat with the wonderful Caroline Verge of Verge Whiteford & Co. Named one of the most influential people in Australian TV (SMH 28 September 2015), Caroline has extensive experience in film, multimedia and television law, and has worked on many Australian film and TV productions, including Romulus My Father, Art & Soul, RAMPAGE!, and online projects such as Aunty Donna and The Australiana Hostel.

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE

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Episode 3 with Music, Film & TV and Digital Media Lawyer Jules Munro

In this episode we chat with Jules Munro of Simpson Solicitors. Named as a recommended intellectual property lawyer in the Legal 500, Jules has over a decade of experience advising clients in the film & TV, music and information technology industries. Jules’ recent credits as a production lawyer include the feature films Beneath Hill 60 and Short Beach, as well as the feature documentary Decadence: the Decline of the Western World and the Fox TV factual series Coast Australia (Series 1 & 2)

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE

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Episode 4 with Fox Sports Legal Counsel Calli Tsipidis

For this very special episode we collaborated with the Melbourne Sports Law Association and spoke to Fox Sports’ Legal Counsel Calli Tsipidis, who gave us really great insight into working in-house and the incredibly varied work of a lawyer at a broadcast network. We also talk about the impact of COVID, the role of sports in political movements and much more!

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE

Episode 5 with Solicitor and Trademarks Attorney Sarah Ramsey-Caudle

In our first 2021 episode, we talk with a Melbourne Law School alumnus, a fresh but highly regarded face in the creative legal industry, Sarah Ramsey-Caudle. Not only does Sarah talk deeply about the niche intricacies in creative branding, but also broadly discusses important issues in the legal world, the role of understanding your client’s work, and how COVID-19 has uncovered a surprising number of benefits for the industry.

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE

Episode 6 with Arts Lawyer & Social Justice Advocate Delwyn Everard

In this episode, we chat to Delwyn Everard who works deeply within the creative industries and advocates for the protection of Indigenous culture. Delwyn shares her story of New York in 1980s, and how instrumental her experience there was in who she is now as a lawyer. She delves into the intricacies of copyright law and how intellectual property protections do not adequately help Indigenous art. She shares her opinion on the AFL Indigenous flag controversy and provides eye-widening wisdom, especially about the value behind truly appreciating art and creators. In recognition of International Women’s Day, we hope that you enjoy this episode.

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE

Episode 7 with Intellectual Property Lawyer Lachlan Sadler

Last year, Careers and Sponsorship Coordinator, Leah Alysandratos, was able to chat to Lachlan Sadler, a Melbourne Law School alumnus now thriving at Davies Collison Cave. Lachlan gives valuable advice about managing your time, being accountable and honest with yourself and others, not feeling pressured to undertake extra-curricular activities and so much more! This truly is one of the most comforting, relatable and exciting episodes to listen to so far.

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE

Episode 8 with Literary Agent and Publishing Consultant, Alexandra Adsett

FAME Ambassador Xiao-Xiao speaks to Alexandra, who tells us the story of how she learnt to follow her dreams as a lover of books and writing, and teaches us not to be afraid of risks. She provides a fresh and unique perspective about how to navigate feeling unsure about your career prospects, learning to trust your gut when taking new adventures, and choosing your happiness first.

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE

Episode 9 with Corporate COunsel for Visit Victoria, Lexi Sun

In collaboration with Melbourne China Law Society, FAME interviews LExi Sun, who shares her wide-ranging knowledge and experience about working in both Melbourne and Hong Kong, how to make the most out of law school and fighting imposter syndrome.

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE