Coco Garner-Davis

Founder & Co-President

Hiya, I’m Coco – resident co-pres and Greta Gerwig wannabe. While finishing off my Bachelor of Fine Arts (yes, B-FARTS, haha) in Screenwriting down south at the other campus, I figured out that (a) I wasn’t ready for the outside world; and (b) whilst I loved writing/making/watching all things film and telly, I had become exceedingly passionate about artists’ rights in the entertainment sphere. Injustice had come to characterise the field – it was, and still is, a period dedicated to #MeToo and wavering press freedom – so next came law, and next came me sitting here writing perhaps not the next Lady Bird but perhaps, one day, something helpful. 

Shout-out to PT (Peter Turner, and a personal trainer of sorts), Shaun Miller, and the wonderful first FAME team for hearing my whack idea to initiate the oxymoronic creatively-focussed-law-group, and running with it. We’re all mad ‘round here.

Peter Turner

Founder & Co-President

Hey there! I’m Peter and I’m one of the Co-Presidents of FAME Law Students’ Association! After spending time engaged in various positions in student societies, I decided to nourish my passion for the arts by creating this platform with my friend and fellow co-president, Coco! 

I previously studied a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications and one day hope to work in the area of media law. In my spare time, I like to get involved in all aspects of theatre on and off the stage! I am hopeful that FAME can be a space for many law students who share similar passions for the arts in the years to come.

Delinna Ding

Communications Coordinator

Hey there, I’m Del, short for Delinna. I am a third year JD student, responsible for all things comms and content here at FAME. I joined FAME as a law student deeply fascinated by the intersectional relationship of media, culture and socio-legal justice. I am most interest in practice areas relating to media and entertainment law or public interest law. My dream job would be in house counsel for the New York Times.

Within FAME, I have found a community of like-minded law students, passionate about arts and culture. Here, I am embraced for being a self professed contemporary pop culture, US politics and podcast fanatic. This space has also become an outlet for me to express creativity and develop my passion for writing and design. It has also encouraged some of my more problematic obsessions including Netflix, Donald Trump’s tweets and the latest TikTok trends.

Natalie Montalto


Hello! I’m Nat, and I am the Treasurer of FAME LSA aka ‘Master of Coin’. I came into my JD from a Bachelor of Arts, where I tell people that I majored in International Politics, but in reality, I spent a majority of my time running around the Union Theatre. I’ve produced a number of successful productions  through student theatre at Melbourne Uni, as well as independently. Art and performance has always been my outlet and I’m very excited to be able to provide that outlet to other like-minded students, and to combine it with our legal studies. 

Reetika Khanna

Internal Engagement Coordinator

Hi pals! I’m Reetika and I’m a third-year law student and Internal Engagement Coordinator for FAME. I’m also Paralegal Associate for Guest Work Agency, an art advisory and law firm, Board Administrator for the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, Editorial Assistant for the Public Law Review and a volunteer at Heide Museum of Modern Art. I previously studied a Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Criminology) and would love to specialise in arts law one day to combine my passions and experience. I’m super excited to have found FAME and be part of this creative family.

Samara Jones

Careers and Sponsorships Coordinator

Hi everyone! I’m Samara, the Careers and Sponsorship Coordinator for FAME LSA. A third year JD student now, I previously completed a BA in Psychology and English & Theatre Studies. I love my TV comedies, my dancing (usually ballet), yoga, piano and my cuddly cat. I’m super excited to learn and share with you all what it could be like to work as a lawyer in the film, art, media and entertainment space. From putting together festivals and films to protecting artists’ rights, let’s find out how FAME and the law collide, together!

Art Pitchford

External Engagement Officer

I’m Art (aptly named), I’m not only a third-year law student,b also the external engagements officer for FAME. My background in the arts lies with me being an enjoyer of most things creative but a lover of music. I’ve previously been a community radio host and DJ around about. I’m excited about helping to make FAME a fun and inviting society for all law students interested in the arts, with exciting opportunities and events.