Ash Stocco

Hey, I’m Ash and I am one of the FAME LSA Ambassadors! I am an Italian/Lebanese (and proud) law student and actress who loves a good horror film, crime drama and just TV altogether really. I previously completed a Bachelor of Arts and majored in Criminology and Screen and Cultural Studies. One thing to know about me is that I am an avid supporter of the Australian Film and Television industry. I will take any chance I can get to recommend a wholesome Aussie flick or debate why Wentworth is ten times better than Orange is the New Black (sorry, not sorry). I’m always looking for new stuff to watch, so feel free to send any recommendations my way!

Caiti Galwey

Hello! I’m Caiti, your certified movie nerd (watched 300 films last year) and resident gaming enthusiast. I worked in design and marketing in Hong Kong, and then produced, photographed and directed my way through film school in Sydney. Now I’m a first-year JD student, and I hope to eventually re-enter the creative industries from a unique angle. 

I feel so lucky to be one of the 2020 FAME ambassadors! Hit me up for movie recommendations (or give me some), if you need someone to game with, or if you can help me learn Cantonese!

Dion Leow

Hi! I am Dion: second year JD student and FAME Ambassador. I believe that the law guides the human psyche from the top-down, whilst entertainment guides it from the bottom-up. This is what makes it such a dynamic, intriguing, and best of all, entertaining area of law. Having worked in the film industry in Los Angeles before law school, I have seen firsthand how important the law is in even the most creative industries. My goal at FAME is to spread awareness around this niche area of law and how fun it can be.

½ dozen things about me:- 1. Scorpio (ooooooo watch out…) 2. Favourite Film: Breakfast at Tiffany’s OR The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan). I can’t pick one. 3. Current Favorite Song: Feelings by Lauv 4. Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls 5. Current Obsession: Animal Crossing (hmu for friend code) and TikTok (don’t follow me) 6. Controversial Opinion: HSM 2 > HSM

Laura McKenzie

Hello! I’m Laura, a second year JD student and now also – a FAME Ambassador! The arts has kept me plenty busy throughout my life: dancing, costume making, creative-writing, film and theatre producing, the odd bit of scribblin’, I’ve dabbled in it all. I think the intersection between the creative arts and law is full of opportunity for meaningful and interesting work. I’m so excited to be a part of FAME to help infuse our sometimes mundane legal lives with some juicy artistic content. Holla at me for any film/book/dance/music talk, I love it all.

Leah Alysandratos

Hey, everyone! My name is Leah and I am a first year JD student! Here is a quick run-down of who I am: I am part of the 0.00001% of students coming from a Bachelor of Music background; I play piano, ukulele and sing, and learnt how to compose and produce ~tunes~ during my Bachelor degree; I am of proud Italian and Greek descent, so be guaranteed that I always have food on me and something to complain about; I love to dance, read books, watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Spongebob, and be surrounded by friends and people who inspire me.

I am so excited to be a FAME Ambassador for 2020 and for all of the initiatives we will be bringing forward! I am very grateful to be a part of such an amazing team of people who foster the value of creativity in a world where it is too easy to forget to appreciate artists, not just in the legal sphere, but everywhere. Feel free to shoot me a message if you need a DJ, some food, or a stimulating conversation!

Matt Healy

My name is Matt and I am a first year JD Student. I have been an artsy kid since forever, diving into music, acting, singing, dancing and all of the in-betweens. I picked up the piano as a very little man and did cello a little later on along with singing. I even danced ballet for 10 years as an overly-enthusiastic young man. High school drama class led to me performing in a wide array of theatre performances and even some directing. 

For me, FAME represents an important transition in appreciation for the arts. It recognises it as the important cultural and professional space that it is. Whilst so many JD students have a passion for the arts, we at FAME are hoping to provide a space for that passion to grow.