2021 Committee

Ash Stocco


Hello! My name is Ash and I am so excited to be Co-President of FAME this year!

A little about me – I am a law student and actress who loves a good horror film, crime drama and just TV altogether really. I’m always looking for new stuff to watch, so feel free to send any recommendations my way!

I completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Screen and Cultural Studies and Criminology, and am now completing my third year of the JD. FAME was founded towards the end of my first year in the JD and I could not have been more thrilled! Joining the FAME team was a way for me to channel my love for the arts and the law and meet like-minded law students with an array of creative interests. I have loved every second of working with FAME and cannot wait for the new year ahead!

Laura McKenzie


Hello, I’m Laura! I’m a Co-Pres of FAME, a 3rd year JD student and now that I’m writing this I have suddenly lost all sense of identity.

No, it’s okay, I will press on: growing up I did lots and lots of dancing. In highschool I got a bit of a knack for textiles, then when I moved to Melbourne that knack got me a costume/set assistant gig which opened my eyes and heart to the theatre/film scene. I then majored in creative writing (and politics, :S ) in my arts degree, and whipped up a short film and a theatre show along the way.

Now I’m here in the knitty gritty deep dark final hour (year) of my law degree, channeling these artsy passions into FAME. The JD can be busy busy busy and I find it’s easy to get caught up in the grind- so I’m very thankful for this little association for being a constant tap on the shoulder to keep it real! Remember your passions! And combine them with the law!

Dion Leow


Hi! My name is Dion: part-time law student, full-time FAMEous person. I am in my third year of law school and the Treasurer of FAME. I am passionate about the intersection of media, technology, law and entrepreneurship.

I was born in Singapore but went to high school in Shanghai and university in Los Angeles, where I majored in Business Administration. I worked two years in marketing tie-ins at a film studio before enrolling in the JD. As someone who advocates for intersectional diversity in film, I hope to bring that same awareness to the consciousness of the legal and media industry.

My hobbies include binging Netflix, stalking Clubhouse rooms, and long anxious walks around my bedroom worrying about the alternate universe where there wasn’t a damn snail in the ginger beer. Ask me about my fave films, TV shows, artists, and books!

Come giggle with FAME at one of our events some time!

Leah Alysandratos

Careers and Sponsorship Coordinator

Hi friends! I am Leah, I’m in second year and I’m your Careers and Sponsorship Coordinator. I am also your walking encyclopedia for all things Leonardo DiCaprio, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, European cuisine, fashion on a budget, books and dogs.

Halfway through my Bachelor of Music (yes I can DJ, do your film score, and sing at your wedding), I realised that I wanted to give more to the world than my musical abilities. Personally, life is not just about your work/play paradigm, but your genuine individual legacy that makes the world better. Currently for me, that is promoting a safe, diverse, valuable and accessible space for the creative industries. 

Us creatives are in the unique position of knowing that people who aren’t us do not understand our value. But I do, and so do the rest of us here at FAME LSA.

Join me on my mission to debunk the insanely hurtful myth that ridicules the arts by creating career opportunities, liasing with the arts sector and connecting them to you – law students who care about making a difference with their life times. 

Jing Chu

Engagement Coordinator

Hello! I’m CJ, a third year JD student from China. I am the less cool counterpart to Matt. 

Fun facts about me: I majored in American Politics and minored in Film and Media Studies (and took many other interesting subjects) during undergrad in the U.S. I also studied abroad in London (my favorite city in the world) at King’s and LSE. My favorite musical is Hamilton; my favorite play is A Midsummer Night’s Dream; and my favorite actor is Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. I really enjoy fully merging myself into different cultures and observing the similarities and differences between them. 

I love how FAME can engage members (you guys!) in events that also support the arts industries in our community. (That’s the main reason why I wanted to be an Engagement Coordinator!) I had a lot of fun participating in the FAME game last year, and hence want to organize an interesting and unique competition for you too!

Matt Healy

Engagement Coordinator

Welcome to part 2 of the Engagement team! My name is Matt and I am a Second year JD Student who is really passionate about diving deep into the Arts. Myself, and the better half CJ, are your Engagement Coordinators for 2021.

I have been an artsy kid since forever, diving into music, acting, singing, dancing and all of the in-betweens. I surrounded myself with the safe space of music, dance and theatre since I was very young, performing and directing a wide variety of projects. This creative outlet has been a source of energy for me throughout my study.

For me, FAME represents an important transition in appreciation for the arts. Whilst supporting the arts through creative outlets, it also recognises it as the important cultural and professional space that it is. Whilst so many JD students have a passion for the arts, we at FAME are providing a space for that passion to grow. I am someone who is fascinated by particular areas of law which are a direct result of me prioritising my creative outlet. Whether that is Media, Intellectual Property, Data security or the ongoing issue of job security in the Arts Employment area, these passions derive from my time at FAME. 

Caiti Galwey

Communications Director

Hello! I’m Caiti, your certified movie nerd and resident gaming enthusiast. I worked in design and marketing in Hong Kong, and then produced, photographed and directed my way through film school in Sydney. Now I’m a second-year JD student, and I hope to eventually re-enter the creative industries from a unique angle. I’m also interested in disability law reform, inclusion and accessibility, human rights and international law.

For me, FAME resolved my doubt that there wasn’t a career that combined the law and the creative industries (spoiler, there totally is, and it’s awesome). The opportunities I have experienced through FAME have transformed my vision for the future and have provided me with a way to stay creative amidst the challenging moments of this dang degree (who’s idea was this?)

Hit me up for movie recommendations (alternatively, give me some) or if you need someone to game with! Or just say hi ❤