2021 Ambassadors

Robert McIntyre

Hello! I’m Rob, a 1st year JD student with a Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Music Composition from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. My interests span across running (I know bear with me), brunching (that’s better), concert-going, day-road tripping and more! I am a freelance classical-contemporary composer and also play flute and piano.

I am ecstatic to be a FAME basso because it’s an awesome gateway to be connected with incredible like-minded people whilst also delving into multi-arts law in the JD. I hope to be a lawyer in the arts representing classical musicians and more, whilst also being a professional composer. 

If you see me around the law school or wherever, please say hi! x

Catherine Chincarini

Hello! I’m Catherine, I am a 2nd year JD student with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in media & communications and minoring in criminology. I play the violin and absolutely love acting in drama and theatre.  

I joined FAME because having a society dedicated to showcasing the creative and artistic avenues of law is so important for students like myself who want to combine their love of law and the arts.

In my spare time you can find me re-reading the same 4 book series over and over, and going out for coffee (cappuccino please) with friends.

Georgia Zheng

Hey everyone, my name is Georgia! I’m a third-year JD student, and I majored in Criminology for my undergrad. I love dance – it keeps me going! I also love drawing, music, and basically anything crafty.

I’m interested in the intersection between law and the creative industry, which is one of the main reasons I became a FAME ambassador – to help students explore options within the legal industry that may appeal to their creative interests.

Xiao-Xiao Kingham

Hey! My name’s Xiao-Xiao and I’m a first year JD student that has just graduated from a Bachelor of Music Performance at the Conservatorium of Music. Though I majored in classical piano I enjoy listening to a wide range of genres, most notably musical theatre (Hadestown is an absolute banger). I’m also someone who is wholly invested in all things books, whether it be reading, reviewing, selling, throwing or ugly crying over them.

Full disclosure, as a student from a creative arts background I entered the JD fully expecting to feel like a fish out of water. I’ve since met so many amazing creatives throughout the degree who, like me, are fascinated with the interaction between law and the arts sector. I’m so glad that FAME provides a platform for JD students to hone into their creativity and explore all the amazing legal careers that the entertainment industries have to offer!

When not stressing about the JD, you’ll possibly find me embroidering, tv show bingeing, baking or curling up with a good book. I’m always looking for new friends so please say hi if you spot me around the law school! 

Jasper Salomonsz

Hey, I’m Jasper! I’m a first year JD student. After completing my Bachelor of Arts in Art History and German, I spent some time working in the Art industry at an art fair in London, as well as pursuing curatorial work and my own dance/movement research. I’m also a dedicated yogi (Ashtanga).

I have a particular interest in Art Law – all things IP, copyright, artists’ rights and in particular Indigenous artists’ advocacy. I’m also interested in emerging technologies in art and how the law will adapt to accommodate these developments. 

This naturally drew me to FAME, a place I knew I could nurture these interests and share them with others too.