The Brief

Welcome to FAME’s podcast series ‘The Brief’, a collection of interviews with industry professionals to explore what it’s like to work as a lawyer or artist in the creative industries.

Episode 1 with Entertainment Lawyer Shaun Miller

In our first episode, FAME chatted with award winning entertainment lawyer, Shaun Miller. Consulting on more than 200 films, documentaries and television series, our insights into a day in the life of Shaun shows just how interesting a legal career in the entertainment industry can be.

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE:

Episode 2 with Film, TV and Media lawyer Caroline Verge

In our second episode we chat with the wonderful Caroline Verge of Verge Whiteford & Co. Named one of the most influential people in Australian TV (SMH 28 September 2015), Caroline has extensive experience in film, multimedia and television law, and has worked on many Australian film and TV productions, including Romulus My Father, Art & Soul, RAMPAGE!, and online projects such as Aunty Donna and The Australiana Hostel.

Check out the audio and full transcript HERE:

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