Edition 3: Cabin Fever

Like us, you’ve probably reached the point where you’re feeling a little bothered and flustered after being inside for so long. This week’s theme ‘Cabin Fever- It’s Getting Hot in Here’, represents the feverish restlessness social distancing has invoked among many of us. 🏠

Our new team of FAME ambassadors 😎 have curated a list of all the best things to watch, play and consume, which will have you feeling a little bit more empowered 💪🏼 by the decrepitude of being stuck inside.

Wentworth: Streaming on Foxtel or ABC iView

Social distancing have you feeling a bit like a prisoner in your own home? Well, after watching Wentworth we can guarantee that you will change your mind.

Image credit: Poster for Wentworth from TVNZ

This thrilling female-led Australian drama reminds us all that prison is a scary and a harking reality for many people. Through it’s entertaining yet genuine depictions of a women’s prison, Wentworth will have you absolutely mortified and simultaneously grateful to be all cuddled up in your cosy (and safe) home. The second you become swept up in any romance, group bonding or any sense of happy feeling, the show disruptively reminds you that prison (and this show) is not for the faint-hearted. With a brilliant cast and complex characters, this show will have you wondering why you ever watched Orange is the New Black in the first place.

Black Mirror White Christmas (Season 3 Episode 1): Streaming on Netflix

Black Mirror is a television series known for its ground-breaking plot lines and thrilling twists and Charlie Brooker’s ‘White Christmas’ is no exception. This 74 minute feature is centred around a conversation between two men who are surrounded by snow and confined to their cabin (can relate).

(From left to right) Rafe Spall, Oona Chaplin and Jon Hamm in Black Mirror: White Christmas. Image credit: photograph from Hal Shinnie Channel 4 on the Guardian)

Their conversation breaks the episode into three separate (and equally mind blowing) story lines that culminate at the end in true Black Mirror style. The episode features rattling depictions of the effect of isolation ranging from physical isolation to a form of real life ‘blocking’ (you’ll see). If you enjoy a good thriller, ‘White Christmas’ won’t disappoint – oh, and did we mention it stars Jon Hamm? What more could you want!?

By Ash Stocco (2nd Year FAME Ambassador)

Unorthodox: Streaming on Netflix

Netflix’s new mini-series “Unorthodox” allows us to reflect on our own comforts and relative freedoms in light of this crazy time. Based on Deborah Feldman’s inspiring true story and autobiography, the series takes us into the most compelling depiction of the Hasidic ultra-orthodox Jewish community of Williamsburg, New York. 

Image credit: Unorthodox poster from Indian Express

The series tells the story of a young woman’s life changing decision to break free of a world she feels trapped in. The incredible performance from Israeli actress Shira Haas lays out the honest emotions of a woman trapped by everyone she loves. Told through the ever-recurring motif of longing for music and the pain of community expectations, Esty is a woman that we can only strive to be as strong willed as. The meticulous cultural detail deserves the praise and awe given to such series as “The Crown”. An example of this includes the dedication to script the series in mostly Yiddish, a protected Jewish dialect. 

It is not by chance that the series is so captivating. I highly recommend watching the behind the scenes clips which capture the making of the series and demonstrate the painstaking attention to detail delivered by everyone involved. Split into four hour-long clips, take your time with this truly exceptional production – my favourite watch of 2020 so far. 

By Matt Healy (1st Year FAME Ambassador)

Star Trek Voyager: Streaming on Netflix

Two decades before she was ‘Red’ in Orange Is the New Black, Katherine Mulgrew starred as Captain Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager. She was the first female captain in Star Trek history, tasked with finding a way to get her crew home after a spatial anomaly ejects them to the other side of the galaxy.

Image credit: Star Trek Voyager cast from Nerd Infinite

These days it’s quite easy to empathise with the crew of Voyager; stuck in a claustrophobic place in uncertain circumstances, with people they would rather not be (no offence to my flatmates). Whilst the characters aboard Voyager often take the notion of cabin fever to the extreme, you will no doubt find the show’s far-reaching concepts and immense creativity do wonders to alleviate stir-craziness. If the 90’s space aesthetic, snappy dialogue and lovable characters aren’t enough to get you through these quaran-times, I don’t know what else will.

By Caiti Galwey (1st year FAME Ambassador)

FAME’s Nostalgic Pop for the Quarantined Soul

Our loneliness is killing us, but we sure can do it together and in style. Isolation may evoke feelings of despair, but music can be a source of comfort, reminding us of better times. It’s the golden age of throwback tunes, and the 00s have never felt so good. We all know the Ignitions and Baby One More Times, but there are more forgotten bops of decades past including some good ol’ gems relevant to present times, to uncover.

By Dion Leow (2nd Year FAME Ambassador)

After Hours – The Weeknd

Image credit: The Weeknd After Hours Album Cover from Pitchfork

After an incredible reign in the R’n’B realm, The Weeknd has returned to the top of the charts again with After Hours, an album perfectly symbolic of its name. The beautiful choral elements elevate his new sonic direction to one with a slower and more reflective balance. This, coupled with the driving and more desperate pieces, create a selection of songs that make you want to cry, scream and evaluate life all at once.

Yeah, this sounds a bit confronting, but I think we can all agree that there is no better vibe than the one that makes you feel, rather than a shallow listening experience. The emotion unveiled with just his vocals, such as in In Your Eyes, is truly indicative of how powerful this album is.When he teased us with Heartless and Blinding Lights prior to the album’s release, we knew that we were in for a treat with ‘80s, hip hop and Las Vegas vibes coming our way. Transport your senses while you’re stuck at home this weeknd (sorry not sorry for the pun) and let The Weeknd whisk you away to the blue lights, echoes, and a little bit of darkness. After all, there is no better time to pause and reflect over the crazy parts of life if it isn’t now.

By Leah Alysandratoas (1st Year FAME Ambassador)

0 A.D.Available on PC

Image credit: Scene from 0 A.D from 0 A.D

You’re at your parents’ house, the one you grew up in. A dessert of ice cream with Ice Magic hasn’t quite satisfied your taste for nostalgia. You wander up to the computer room. Your original family-computer died long ago and the replacement isn’t that shmick either. A CD- holder of old computer games sits on the desk, gathering dust. 

You take out Age of The Empires, pop it in the CD port. Suspense builds as you wait ten minutes or so while various things load, only to have the computer break the hard news: the video game is not compatible with your ‘new’ computer. You cry. You mindlessly log into Facebook and see this post by FAME and read a bunch of reviews from people who call themselves ‘Ambassadors’. You think, hey these guys have some cool recommendations. You read this part and think- wow, Laura’s really described my current situation.

Don’t worry reader, I’ve gotchu. My recommendation is that you Google ‘0.A.D.’ or even better -> click right here, download that bad boy, and enjoy a FREE and easily accessible computer game that is very similar to Age of the Empires– so similar that your taste for nostalgia will be satisfied and you can continue going about your day. Finally! Some Ancient Warfare!!  Don’t mention it.

By Laura McKenzie (2nd Year FAME Ambassador)

Animal Crossing – New Horizons Available on Nintendo Switch

Image credit: Animal Crossing New Horizons from Nintendo

What better way to escape cabin fever than to put your virtual self on a deserted island? Despite the irony behind its success, this game seems to be all that people talk about nowadays. Albeit, Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ almost cult-like popularity is not unfounded. The game turns the idea of isolation upside down, offering a wholesome island escape to all who are struggling in these difficult times. Animal Crossing gives players a fun alternative to the state of reality; staying indoors and visiting ‘virtual’ museums, shops and friends instead. Although popping over to your friend’s house is a big no right now, allowing strangers from across the Animal Crossing universe to visit your island (through a share code) is a big yes. And aside from a racoon named Tom Nook coming after you for his money, New Horizons encourages kindness and friendship, which is exactly what the world needs right now.

By Caiti Glawey  (1st Year FAME Ambassador)

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